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Elizabeth Morgan (1910-1971) was an American activist, educator, musician, and singer.

"Elizabeth and Ernest Morgan founded Arthur Morgan School in 1962 to provide a learning environment tailored for children in their early teen-aged years.... Both Elizabeth and Ernest Morgan were very active in many causes. Elizabeth collected workers’ songs from all over the world to use them to make people become aware of suppression and exploitation. She had been active in the struggle against the Ku Klux Klan persecutions and racist assaults in Georgia. She arranged protest marches and helped the strikers in their attempt at getting better pay and fair treatment, and in most cases, she used music and song as a means to arouse people’s solidarity and to inform them of both traditions and visions. Early in their marriage both Elizabeth and Ernest had joined the Quakers. They felt that their way of silent worship, work for social justice, resistance to the military and violence, their view of equality for all people, especially women, were very consistent with their views. Today, AMS incorporates many Quaker traditions into its daily life."


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