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Ednah Dow Cheney (1824-1904) was a founder of the New England Woman's Club, Boston.

"Ednah Dow Cheney.... all her life had been prominent and intimately identified with everything that tended to improve the condition of women especially. She was most active in the Freedman's aid movement; had been vice president of the New England Women's Club; president of the Massachusetts School Suffrage Association; secretary from 1862 to 1887 of the New England Hospital for Women and Children, and later its president.... She was the first woman to speak in the Divinity Chapel in Cambridge, in the face of much opposition from some of the members of the faculty. She also had been before the State Agricultural Society by invitation to lecture, and at the Concord School of Philosophy she was one of the original and yearly lecturers, treating such themes as Dante, Angelo, Goethe, and Emerson. She was a member of the Radical Club in the days when it was better known, and she was vice president for several years of the Free Religious Association, and was one of the spiritual committee of the Educational and Industrial Union. She also was a prominent member of the American Association for the Advancement of Women. ...Cheney always had been a woman of literary pursuits and during her busy life found time to issue a number of works."

—Ednah Dow Cheney's Obituary


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