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Daniel 'Dublin Dan' Liston (1881-?) was an Irish American IWW poet.

"Daniel 'Dublin Dan' Liston was a "Butte poet who understood that Butte's Irish identified as a collective, and Liston attempted to use this fact in promoting his socialist agenda…. Liston was born in Ireland in 1881; the details of how he came to Butte are uncertain. In Butte he was the 'proprietor of Dublin Dan's Hobo Retreat,' a pub where it is reported that he lured Sunday worshippers with banners reading 'FOR A GOOD COLD SCOOP OF LAGER AFTER THE SERVICES OR A SHOT TO WARM YOUR INNARDS, GO TO DUBLIN DAN'S JUST AROUND THE CORNER….' Liston's poems—most of which were written after 1914 and distributed in self-published pamphlets or in Industrial Workers of the World publications like the weekly newspaper Solidarity—explore the microcosm of Butte's Irish community within the macrocosm of Irish oppression back home…. Though Liston saw himself, or his pseudonymous 'Dublin Dan,' as the mouthpiece and champion of the Butte workingman, he inadvertently criticized them in his denigration of the city’s Irish. He saw, or at least characterized, Irish Butte's failure to embrace Marxism as a betrayal of ethnic blood. He was savvy enough to appeal to the Irish at the level of ethnic unity, hoping, one assumes, to conflate ethnic solidarity with worker's solidarity."

—Matthew L. Jockers, "West of Éire: Butte’s Irish Ethos,"

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