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Bouck White

"Dirge to Our Martyred Dead" (karaoke)

"Dirge to Our Martyred Dead" (sheet music)

In the presence of our dead,

Stand we now with bleeding hearts.

Low we kneel and bow the head,

And a cry unbidden starts.


Many are the comrades brave

In the brotherhood of toil

Filling now a martyr's grave,

Added to the foeman's spoil.


Ne'er they shrank from duty's call;

Ne'er were deaf to human need.

Bribes nor terrors could enthrall.

Warriors they of stalwart breed.


Heroes of humanity,

Green above you be the grass.

Ours the sore calamity:

Desolate the working class.


Bitter is the price you paid:

Labor's sad Gethsemane!

Blood-sweat 'neath the olive's shade;

Crown of Thorns and Calvary.


They who die for God and man

Never shed their blood in vain.

Readers of High Heaven's plan,

Dying they shall live again.

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