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Bouck White

"Comes the Moment to Decide" (karaoke)

"Comes the Moment to Decide" (sheet music)

Once to every man and nation

Comes the moment to decide

In the strife of truth with falsehood

For the good or evil side.


Some great cause, God's new messiah,

Offers each the bloom or blight,

And the choice goes by forever

'Twixt the darkness and the light.


Then, to side with truth is noble,

When we share her wretched crust,

Ere her cause bring fame and profit,

And 'tis prosp'rous to be just.


Then, it is the brave man chooses,

While the coward stands aside,

Till the multitude make virtue

Of the faith they had denied.


Though the cause of evil prosper,

Yet 'tis truth alone is strong;

Though her portion be the scaffold,

And upon the throne be wrong.


Yet that scaffold sways the future,

And behind the dim unknown

Standeth One within the shadow

Keeping watch above His own.

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