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Alistair Hulett

"Chylde Owlett" (karaoke)

"Chylde Owlett" (sheet music)

Lady Erskine sits intae her bower

A-sewin' a silken seam:

A bonnie sark for Chylde Owlett

As he comes oot an' in.


And his face was fair; lang was his hair.

She's ca'ed him tae come nigh,

Sayin' "Ye maun cuckold Lord Ronald

For a' his lands and kye."


"O, but Lady haud yer tongue for shame

That such a deed be done!

How can I cuckold Lord Ronald

When I'm his sister's son?"


O, and she's ta'en oot a wee pen knife

That lay beside her bed

An' pricked hersel' below the breast

Which made her body bleed.


Lord Ronald's came intae the bower

Whaur she did mak' her mane,

Says "Wha's is a' this blood, Lady,

That spurts from yer heart stane?"


"O, young Chylde Owlett, yer sister's son,

Has new gane fae my bower.

Had I no' been a guid woman,

I'd ha'e been Chylde Owlett's whore.”


So he has taken Chylde Owlett:

Put him in prison strang.

And a' his men a council held

Tae work Chylde Owlett wrang.


Some said Chylde Owlett should be hung;

Some said that he should burn;

Some said they would ha'e Chylde Owlett

Between wild horses torn.


"There are horses in my stable stand

Can run richt speedily.

O, ye maun tae my stable gang

An' wile oot fower for me."


And they tied a horse tae ilka fit

An' ane tae ilka han'

An' sent them oot ower Elgin moor

As fast as they could run.


O, there wasna grass on Elgin moor

Nor yet a bonnie whinne

But drippit wi' Chylde Owlett's blood

An' pieces o' his skin.


An' there wasna stane on Elgin moor

Nor yet a piece o' rush

But drippit wi' Chylde Owlett's blood

An' pieces o' his flesh.

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