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Bouck White

"Church in Sad Captivity" (karaoke)

"Church in Sad Captivity" (sheet music)

The Carpenter's great church,

By mammon now annexed,

Is stained by that unholy smirch,

And sadly is perplext.


The magnates own her now,

And use her as their slave,

Low to old Purse-strings She must bow,

And his black banner wave.


Her Lord, a working man,

'Gainst exploitation fought;

His word the populace o'er-ran,

And insurrection wrought.


But keen is Property!

To scent a coming foe,

The dang'rous man of Galilee

Was killed with cruel blow.


We mourn, O church, thy fate,

Thy sad captivity,

For thy release we'll agitate,

And set the pris'ner free.


Thy dungeon now is deep,

And strong the chains that bind,

But we unwearied siege shall keep:

Restore thee to mankind.

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