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Bouck White

"Child-Workers, Wan and Weary" (karaoke)

"Child-Workers, Wan and Weary" (sheet music)

O, child-workers, wan and weary,

Industry's sad slaves!

Penned in workshops dark and dreary,

Marching on to early graves.


Not for you the flowers,

Nor the open sky.

Toiling on through tedious hours,

Stifling oft a bitter cry.


Girls of stunted form and broken

By captivity;

Gait and features all betoken

The machine's monotony.


Motherhood defeated,

Curse of time to come.

Profit-takers proudly seated

O'er the wreck of woman's home.


Youth in toil too early drafted

E'er school-time was o'er;

Knowing naught of knowledge wafted

From rich fields of ancient lore.


Not for them life's playtime,

Nor for them life's joy.

Drudging on through cheerless daytime,

Manhood's task, though still a boy.

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