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Charles Ashleigh (1888-1974) was an English writer and radical.

"Ashleigh was born in London on 25 November 1888.... Ashleigh showed a precocious bent toward the age of 15.... Despite his youth, [he] became acquainted with many of the most prominent socialists of the time.... Ashleigh, throughout his extensive travels, always sought the company of radical workers.... He worked for the Argentine railroads for a couple of years.... hiked across South America.... [and] arranged passage to the United States.... By the end of 1912 Ashleigh was sufficiently familiar with American society to realize that the Industrial Workers of the World was the organization which best reflected his own views regarding capitalism, the working class, as well as the coming revolution, and the one in which he was mostly likely to associate with the radical working stiffs in whose company he felt so at home.... Its unflinching commitment to revolution and openness to bohemianism and humane values accorded well with Ashleigh's attitudes and approach.... In September 1917, 184 of the most active Wobblies were arrested, Charles Ashleigh among them.... Ashleigh was sentenced to ten years in prison and a fine of $30,000! Upon receiving the sentence the defiant Ashleigh stated, 'The day that I leave jail I shall recommence those activities on behalf of humanity and the working class for which you are sentencing me today'.... On Christmas 1921 Ashleigh and a number of other non-citizen IWW prisoners were offered release in exchange for their agreeing to being deported. Ashleigh accepted the terms and was repatriated to his native England early in 1922, ending his association with the IWW.... Ashleigh joined a number of Wobblies in embracing the new Marxism-Leninism.... continu[ing] his Communist membership and activity upon landing in Britain until his death in 1974."

—Steve Kellerman, "Introduction" to Charles Ashleigh's

The Rambling Kid: A Novel about the IWW

Everett, November Fifth
It's a Long Way Down to the Breadline

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