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Bouck White

"Ballots Are a Weapon Mighty" (karaoke)

"Ballots Are a Weapon Mighty" (sheet music)

Ballots are a weapon mighty

Placed within the freeman's grasp;

Steel ne'er glistened half so brightly;

'Twill the tyrant's clutch unclasp;

Puny seems it, toy and plaything,

'Gainst a foe in huge array;

But that toy becomes the dayspring

Of a new unending day.


Mountain-high is Wrong and massive.

"Naught can move so vast a load,"

Says the weakling, who stands passive,

Feeling not sharp manhood's goad.

But the ballot's high explosive,

Wielded by the workers bold,

'Gainst that mountain is corrosive:

Grinds it fine to mud and mould.


Votes are white of color, glim'ring;

Ballot booth is Heaven's gate.

Mammon's menials cower shiv'ring,

When the workers legislate.

White-robed messengers celestial

Pass that portal to and fro

Righters of all wrongs terrestrial.

Paradise comes here below.


Turn not from the ballot lightly,

Though it seem a pow'rless thing.

Vote it early; vote it rightly;

It transfigures; stands a king.

Labor's sorrows shall be mended,

When the workers cease to dote;

Labor's sorrows shall be ended,

When the workers learn to vote.

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