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H.W. Fuison

"Awake! Be Free!" (karaoke)

"Awake! Be Free!" (sheet music)

Our country, great and grand,

Is known in every land

As freedom's home.

Yet through man's greed and lust,

Through laws the most unjust,

And from the giant trust,

Great evils come.


Our liberties are gone,

Justice no more is done

To faithful toil.

But want and woeful need

From Mammon's reign proceed,

Which hurtful tumults breed

And freedoms spoil.


How long shall we be slaves

And bow to sordid knaves

Who rob the poor?

Let every man awake

And freedom's weapon take,

The yoke of bondage break,

And serve no more.


Great God of Liberty!

Through truth that maketh free,

Make free the land.

Give us to see the light,

Lead us to follow right,

And show that right is might,

By Thine own hand.


Our country then shall be

A home for brave and free

And noble men.

No landlord then shall reign

To clutch the toiler's gain,

Our flag without a stain

Shall wave again.

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